Admin access to existing wvd tenant when TenantCreator has left organization

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Apologies in advance if this is documented somewhere - please point me elsewhere if I've not found the right document!


I have inherited a Windows Virtual Desktop environment and have Azure AD Global Administrator entitlement etc. I have TenantCreator priviledge but do not appear to have access to the existing tenant.


Is there a "super" account that can be used to force ownership ? The creator of the tenant has since left our organization so their account has been removed.


When I log in as global admin I get the usual return from Add-RdsAccount showing the "Default Tenant Group" but Get-RdsTenant returns nothing and when I try Get-RdsTenant with the name of the Tenant it shows the standard "Get-RdsTenant : User is not authorized to query the management service." etc.


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I know this post is old, but i'm facing exactly the same problem. I inherited an Azure Tenant, to which I have been given Global Administrator role. I added myself as a TenantCreator. I get nothing when I run Get-RDSTenant. I can only see all VMs in Azure but i have no access to any aspects of Azure Virtual Desktop. How did you overcome this?

Unfortunately with "classic" I ended up obtaining access to the original account that was used to set it up and I used this to grant myself and the new IT manager access so this didn't happen again.

I was able to do this within the account deletion window - not the best of solutions I'm afraid.

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oh ok, thanks for this. I'll try to track down which account it was and use it.

Thanks again.