Access Denied when trying to detach FSlogix profile disk

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Had this a couple of times where an FSLogix profile disk seems to get locked. The user is not logged onto the host, but the profile disk still shows in Disk Management and the user cannot log back on.

When trying to detach the profile disk in Disk Management I get an Access denied message and the only way for the user to log back on is to reboot the host.


Is there a way to forcibly detach an FSlogix profile disk without having to reboot the host?!

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Had this issue again. Guess it's time to log another support ticket with Microsoft...
Were you able to resolve your locked profile issues? if so, please detail.

@Jeff_Paulsen   I've not had any issues with this since the latest FSLogix version was installed on the hosts. It does list that the update fixes a deadlock issue, so hopefully that was the issue and fix (it did feel like it was an FSLogix bug, just a shame it took over a year for it to be resolved.).