Ability to join multiple app groups in a host pool

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It seems that you limited to joining only 1 app group in a host pool. If you try and add the user into another one an error is displayed


"The specified UserPrincipalName is already assigned to a RemoteApp AppGroup in the specified HostPool."


Is there any way around this? Is the functionality coming?

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@Ben79 : Currently, we do have a strict restriction such that a user cannot be assigned to the desktop and RemoteApps within the same host pool. This is primarily because of the way RDP sessions are handled and to ensure consistency of the user profile experience. If you would like that behavior, you would have to create two separate host pools and assign the users accordingly.


Is there a specific reason that you would like that user to be assigned to both desktop and RemoteApps within just a single host pool?

Thanks for the response @Christian_Montoya , sorry for the very late reply.


Its functionality that we currently have in our citrix setup, allowing users the flexibility of choosing whether to use the app or a full remote session. Its not really a massive issue that its not supported here, its just good to know the reasons.



@Ben79 : Sure, makes sense. In our case, if a user would be able to select both the desktop and some RemoteApp for the same host pool, they would end up getting two separate sessions, which would also throw off the user profile. We've definitely heard feedback on enabling this functionality so it's something in our backlog for investigation.