Workspace disappears from RDP client

Workspace disappears from RDP client



 Aug 24 2023
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Recently, my Remote Desktop application has been losing my configuration daily.  I have to click "Add Workspace" and put the URL in again.  Surprisingly, this even happens while I am actively connected to my remote workstation.


I'm on Mac OS Ventura 13.4, and recently updated the client to 10.9.0(2140), hoping that would fix the issue.  It did not. 



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We are experience this same problem.  It just started this week.  The Workspace is available all day (we can open, close, login, logout, etc).  But the next morning, the Workspace appears for a second and then vanishes.


Running Mac OS 13.5.1 with Remote Desktop v10.9(2140).

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Same issue on macOS Monterey 12.6.8. It's getting tiresome adding and authenticating the Windows365 workspace again every day to MS Remote Desktop application.

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Same here:

The problem appeared for the first time on 08/30/2023. The user was also no longer able to connect to the workspace with his email address, as is otherwise the case.


Updates to the Remote Desktop app and the operating system unfortunately did not bring any improvement.


However, entering the URL worked. Since then, the workspace disappeared a few times, but could be restored by entering the URL.


Yesterday, the problem occurred on another Mac machine - here, the workspace supposedly could not be restored either by entering the email address or by entering the URL (according to the user - I haven't had a chance to check this myself yet).


Windows systems have not been affected by the problem so far.


Intel-Mac, Ventura 13.5.1