Support Resizing MRD on macOS without "Fit to Window" Lock

Support Resizing MRD on macOS without "Fit to Window" Lock



 Nov 19 2021

When connecting to a virtual desktop (e.g. Windows 365 Cloud PC) via Microsoft Remote Desktop software on macOS, it seems that there are three display options:


1) Run MRD in full screen

2) Run MRD in a window while keeping the full screen resolution (if MRD window is resized, you have to scroll around to see all content on the virtual desktop)

3) Run MRD in a window with the "Fit to Window" option enabled (if MRD window is resized horizontally, the vertical size is resized at the same time to keep the aspect ratio constant and continue showing the entire screen)


I have a 21:9 widescreen monitor, and I would like to occupy the rightmost 2/3 of it with my MRD window, leaving the leftmost 1/3 for other apps. However, there is currently no way to do this because the two window-based options force me to either scroll around the desktop within the window or reduce the vertical height of the window within MRD.


I have ample screen real estate available with my monitor but the current display options in MRD prevent me from using it efficiently. What I would like to see is a fourth display option:


4) Run MRD in a window with "Resize in Window" which would update the virtual desktop resolution to match the size of my MRD window on the Mac.


Interestingly, this seems to be the default behaviour when accessing a Windows 365 Cloud PC through a web browser - the resolution of the virtual desktop updates to match the size of the web browser window - and it would be very useful to have the same feature within the native Mac version of MRD, which has a much better experience compared to a web browser.


Attached are three screenshots showing the issue I'm running into and how it currently works via web browser:


Screenshot 1: MRD occupies 2/3 of the screen as desired but the virtual desktop is "zoomed in" and only displays a portion of the full desktop because the underlying virtual desktop screen resolution has not changed. Note that the top portion of the screen is cut off (see "Recycle Bin" icon) and so is a large portion of the right side of the screen.


Screenshot 2: MRD occupies 2/3 of the screen horizontally but because the "Fit to Window" option is enabled, the vertical space is compressed (in order to maintain the original screen aspect ratio), making the virtual desktop very small and difficult to view. It also wastes all of the screen real estate in the bottom portion of the screen.


Screenshot 3: accessing a virtual desktop via a web browser, where the virtual desktop resolution updates dynamically to match the size of the web browser window, allowing for a much more efficient use of screen space.


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Screenshot 1.png