Showing iPadOS keyboard causes virtual desktop to clip offscreen

Showing iPadOS keyboard causes virtual desktop to clip offscreen



 Feb 18 2022

A reproducible UI-glitch when using the touchscreen keyboard on iPadOS causes the Remote Desktop to clip offscreen in the vertical axis. See screenshot for example.


example of issueexample of issue


Reproduction steps

  1. Ensure app is launched fresh by force closing any existing instances of RD Client
  2. Launch RD Client and select a desktop to remote into
  3. Ensure you are using “touch-based” interaction rather than “mouse-based”
  4. Press the keyboard button to bring up the iPadOS touch keyboard
  5. Use the dragger (the UI element that allows you to adjust the vertical axis of the remote desktop) to drag the remote desktop up
  6. Press the keyboard button again to hide the iPadOS touch keyboard
  7. Go to the Home Screen of your iPad (i.e. close the RD Client app)
  8. Launch another app (e.g. Safari)
  9. Close the other app and go back into RD Client

The result should be that the remote desktop is either higher or lower in the viewport than it should be, causing the remote desktop to be cut off.



This can be fixed by pressing the keyboard button and using the dragger to reset the vertical position back, however this is a temporary fix, the issue isn’t truly resolved until you force close the app.


Other Details

Hardware: iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

Operating system: iPadOS 15.3.1

App version: RD Client 10.3.6 (5090)

First noticed: This has been an issue since getting my iPad in July 2021