Saved Workspaces disappears in MRD 10.9.0 (macOs 13.5.1)

Saved Workspaces disappears in MRD 10.9.0 (macOs 13.5.1)



 Aug 28 2023
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Really frustrating that saved Workspaces disappears in Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.9.0 (macOs 13.5.1). Not like this in previous MRD versions.

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Same specs for me, same issue faced, workspaces are not retained in the latest update

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Same here, very annoying! On a daily basis. 

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Have the same issue, was trying to figure out how to report a bug.

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Same issue experienced. 

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I opened a support ticket on this, and we did two things. Updated to the current release 10.9.0 (2140) and fix email feed discovery (you use the email address to get the feed instead of the URL). That appears to have fixed it for us. 

If this helps, what we did to fix email feed discovery was to add a DNS record on the email domain of:

Type: TXTHost:_msradc



I hope this helps someone else.

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thanks MikeMassarelli, that makes sense.

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This issues now seems resolved. I am unsure how to close this "ticket" but consider this case complete!