Remote Desktop Client: Save the windows position

Remote Desktop Client: Save the windows position



 Apr 27 2023

In the current Remote Desktop Client and also in the preview of the Azure Virtual Desktop App, it is unfortunately not saved in which state, and at which position the user has closed the desktop session.


Example: The session starts by default in Fullscreen, the user now switches to window mode and moves the window to the right of the screen. If the user ends the session or disconnects it and starts it again the session is back in fullscreen mode.


With the RDP properties you can influence the window behaviour a little bit, but not in the way that the Remote Desktop Client simply "notices" how the session was ended. Every other Windows program remembers the way (maximized/fullscreen) and position where it was closed.


Please change the behaviour to remember the position in window mode and whether the session ran in fullscreen or window.