RDP for Mac version 10.7.7 has broken multiple monitor support

RDP for Mac version 10.7.7 has broken multiple monitor support



 Jun 28 2022
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RDP for Mac version 10.7.7 has broken multiple monitor support

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*sigh* here we go again...


RDP for Mac version 10.7.4 has broken multiple monitor support - TechCommunity link from Jan 2022


aka.ms/rdmacbeta to download beta builds (short link for AppCenter.ms )


However, I've tried the latest released build [Version 10.7.7 (2001) from Jun 23], Version 10.7.7 (2000) from Jun 22, Version 10.7.7 (1998) from Jun 17, Version 10.7.7 (1997) from Jun 08, and they're all broken in the same way as before. That is, RDP only appearing on one screen, at 1024x768. 


Built-in screen is below the external monitor in terms of layout, and I'm still running a 14" M1 Pro MBP on the latest version of Monterey. 


BRB, trying all the versions until hopefully finding one that actually works, because I've got way too much work to do at the moment to have RDP be broken. I need to learn never to update this app!

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Same situation here MBP M1 Pro + LG 34" Ultrawide 2K monitor. 10.7.7 has broken dual monitor support and only displays in 640x480.  There is no problem on the laptop display only. I reverted to 10.7.6 beta from the beta app link and now works fine.

I hope MS-devs fix this. 

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Hi @wooj001 

How did you revert to 10.7.6? where is the download link?

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Hi @FrankChang - here's the link to MS's beta site for RDP for Mac.



You can find 10.7.6 when you scroll down.  Under my corporate's RDP config I can do one of two things. Delete the current version of RDP and have the beta version as the "live" version OR keep both the active version and beta versions.  I right click the "launch.rdp" file and OPEN WITH the RDP beta app.

I bookmarked the link for situations like these.  Good luck! 

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Hi @wooj001 

Thanks for your reply, i've followed your instructions and done the same and its working now. hope they fix the  RDP at the next update!

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Thanks for the mention of the specific working version you found! I've *finally* made my way back to a functional dual screen experience, with things at the right size, using 10.7.6!


I only had any kind of success by completely nuking the other versions first (I used AppCleaner and deleted everything related to the app in all locations) - if anyone else is having the same trouble as me, try that :)

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The fix is available on the latest beta client version 10.7.9 (build 2011). You can get it from aka.ms/rdmacbeta


Send us a screenshot of your display arrangement if you're still hitting the issue after trying with the latest build