No able to access Windows Workspace, disabled OTP Prompt

No able to access Windows Workspace, disabled OTP Prompt



 Dec 26 2023
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I am NOT able to connect the Windows workspace, but the same machine is connecting fine in a Windows machine Remote Desktop. But in Mac mini when I try the same, the popup that accepts the OTP is disabled. Am I missing something here, please help me



Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 14.39.28.png




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It sounds like you're having trouble connecting to a Windows workspace from your Mac mini using a remote desktop client. Here are a few things you could try:


  • Check Remote Desktop Settings on Windows**: Ensure that the Windows machine is set up to allow remote connections. You can check this in the System Properties > Remote tab on the Windows machine.


  • Firewall Settings**: Ensure that the firewall settings on both the Windows machine and the Mac mini are not blocking the Remote Desktop connection


  • OTP Popup Disabled**: If the OTP popup is disabled, it might be a software issue. Try restarting the Remote Desktop client or your Mac mini.