Multiple monitor support on Chrome OS

Multiple monitor support on Chrome OS



 Apr 14 2022
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Please add the ability to add multiple monitor support for Chrome OS when accessing 365 Cloud PC's or AVD. This can be done via the android remote desktop app or a custom web app in Chrome OS. Xtralogic is an example of a Chrome OS app that has multiple monitor support for RDP sessions already. 


Thank you

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To give all users the remote / windows 365 experience I feel this is a must

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It has been more than a year since this post and ChromeOS still doesn't support multiple screen displays for AVD. What a shame. Now I have to replace all Chromebooks with Windows. Disappointing.

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So far Xtralogic has a monopoly on Multi Monitor support, supposedly Desktop Manager supports it however it is not reliable at all. Why doesn't Microsoft Remote Desktop app support multiple monitors on Chromebook, blow's my mind (it's 2023 not 2003).