Multimonitors not working when "use all monitors" is toggled on in Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS

Multimonitors not working when "use all monitors" is toggled on in Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS



 Jul 06 2022
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Microsoft Remote Desktop version 10.7.7 (2001) on macOS, full screen multiple-monitors not working when "use all monitors" setting is toggled on. Also, sessions do not fit full screen of the monitor and is only a small box.


thanks for reporting the issue @forrestwu. do you have "optimize for Retina Display" enabled? could you try disabling it to see if it would work?


additionally please provide the following:


  • screen shot of system preference > display > arrangement
  • monitor resolution of each of your monitors
  • does your macbook have a camera notch? (MacBook Pro 2021)


The fix is available on the latest beta client version 10.7.9 (build 2011). You can get it from


Send us a screenshot of your display arrangement if you're still hitting the issue after trying with the latest build

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it seems like the problem returned (RDP 10.7.10).


I have a three monitor setup with Ventura (see below 2x1920x1200, 1xMacBook 14" with notch 3024x1964).


When I select "use multiple monitors" the windows are no longer full screen. The behavior seems to get completely erratic. E.g.:
- Clicking the green icon no longer goes to full screen.
- Sometimes one Window is full screen and the other is not.
- I do not get three windows to resize, but only two.


Would be great if you can fix it.



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@Alexander1974 unfortunately, I was not able to duplicate this personally using both a M1 Pro 14" MBP or a Intel 16" MBP using two external displays on macOS Ventura 13.0.1 and Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.7.10.


14" MBP connected to two external DELL U2717D monitors

16" MBP connected to one external DELL U2717D and one DELL AW3821DW


Will keep testing using the 16" MBP configuration for a bit and may switch over to the 14" MBP configuration later in the week.





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I tested the 10.8.0 (2032) beta. There it works fine.