Microsoft Remote Desktop Frequent crashes

Microsoft Remote Desktop Frequent crashes



 Feb 13 2022
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While using Microsoft Remote Desktop for the Mac, in conjunction with Splashtop Business, I run into repeated crashes. Once Remote Desktop freezes it will also freeze Splashtop until I have force quite Remote Desktop, at that point Splashtop is responsive again. The same does not occur if I close Splashtop first instead. This seems to happen while copying and pasting text content between the two remote environments. I did not have this problem with the program until last fall, prior to the release of macOS Monterey. Hopefully this can be corrected.

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Hi friends, it must be pretty annoying if the remote access tools freeze. For the Remote Desktop freezes,  I consider it may be caused by the bug or the RDP protocol has lost some of its resilience to packets. So, you can unfreeze it by running Command Line reg add "HKLM\software\policies\microsoft\windows nt\Terminal Services\Client" /v fClientDisableUDP /d 1 /t REG_DWORD

Of course, you can also fix the issue in Group Policy Editor. This post may help you.

For the Splashtop, have you ever considered changing to another tool as an alternative? Cuz I have ever met with many issues when using it.