macOS RDP Workspace Printer Redirection

macOS RDP Workspace Printer Redirection



 Sep 08 2023
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I'm running macOS 14 Beta 7 and RDP Beta 10.9.2. The only way I can get a page to print from my RDP workspace is to save the file as a PDF to my Mac and print it. RDP refuses to print no matter how many settings I've tried. RDP does not throw an error or anything when trying to print. It acts like it's going to but does nothing. Unlink RDP remote PCs, there is no setting to enable or disable printer redirection for workspaces so I know I didn't accidentally turn anything off. Apple no longer supports PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript documents which I suspect is why I can no longer print when I used to be able to without a problem. 

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We are having success by redirecting to a printer on the Mac side that is setup to use the "generic postscript printer" driver.

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I have official Sonoma and i have a same problem... and post scrip fix this problem