Mac Remote Desktop Crashing When Copying

Mac Remote Desktop Crashing When Copying



 Oct 06 2021
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Hopefully this is the correct place to post this now that the UserVoice website has been shut down.


The latest versions of Remote Desktop for Mac have introduced a regular freezing problem when copying anything within a workspace. This is particularly bad in the Remote Desktop Beta, which we've currently abandoned, having used this for the last few years, and occurs quite regularly in the App Store version.


Force quitting and then relaunching does at least retain the workspace, but until the force quit there is no interaction, just the blue spinning circle.


This is on a 16Gb M1 MacBook Pro connecting to a Windows 2019 RemoteApp server.

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This problem has continued over to a new M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro running Monterey v12.0.1. Remote Desktop is unusable and for now we've abandoned it.

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This problem has now started happening on a colleague's new M1 Pro 16" MacBook Pro running Monterey v12.0.1 that has been set up without any application or preference file transfer, i.e. from scratch without any influence from an existing Mac. MRD v10.7.1 and MRD Beta 10.7.2 are used.


All of the above Macs connect to workspaces on Windows Servers 2012, 2016 and 2019 RemoteApp servers, mostly using FileMaker Pro v19.

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We have moved away from Remote Desktop for Mac while this problem exists and have been using Jump Desktop to connect to the same workspace apps from the same servers and have had none of these problems. Jump Desktop is also Apple Silicon native.


In addition, Jump Desktop supports proper international keyboard mappings. We'd like to return to Remote Desktop to mirror what many of our clients are using, but cannot currently develop in it due to the frequent crashing.

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