Mac/OSX - Improved Multiple Monitor Support

Mac/OSX - Improved Multiple Monitor Support



 Oct 30 2021
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The Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta client for Azure VD either supports full screen (one monitor) or Use All Monitors.


I have 3 monitors (including my Macbook) and would like to use 2 of them for Azure VD and one for other purposes. I cannot select just 2.


In addition, If i start a session with one full screen monitor - i cannot mid-session change to use all 3 (or just my selected 2 in my perfect scenario), i am forced to disconnect and then choose 'use all monitors'.


Looking forward to this being a feature!

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Just jumping on the bandwagon here.  It seems like 3 monitor support in general is half-baked.

I have three monitors as well, two side by side, with the MacBook Pro (2021 M1 Max, 16") screen above (on a shelf).  In this scenario, I cannot get back to the 'drop down' mac menu that should appear when you move your mouse to the top of the screen (which would normally give me the ability to toggle between full screen mode).


I was able to toggle by using the fn key on the MacBook keyboard in combination with the "F".  However, attempting to toggle back to true full screen left me with two useless black screens and only one 'working' screen on one of the monitors.


There are other weird behaviors and in general someone just needs to look at the 3 monitor scenario and make it work properly.  And while they are in there, also add the ability to select one, two, or three... RD screens as the OP requested.

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Agreed, I have the same setup - two external monitors plus my Mac Air built-in display.

I'd like to be able to select only the two external monitors for the RD session while leaving the built-in display for other stuff.
On Windows it works by manually editing the .rdp file and setting the selectedmonitors property to only a subset of monitors. It would be great to have this supported by the Mac version as well

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