Mac OS Remote Desktop Client freezes on interaction with Slack

Mac OS Remote Desktop Client freezes on interaction with Slack



 Nov 10 2021
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To reproduce the bug (Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.1, but also happened on Catalina):

1. Load Slack

2. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop by remoting into another machine. Make sure "Clipboard" is enabled.


After some time of using Slack and your Remote Desktop environment, they will freeze on each other. There's some race condition that causes both to hang. It seems to have something to do with the clipboard, and is often triggered when right-clicking to bring up the copy/paste menu in the Mac OS UI. I once had this freeze occur while trying to copy paste a URL out of a web browser and paste into a remote desktop session!

Slack is aware of this bug and has been gathering information on this. You may want to reach out to them.

Please fix this! It's super annoying

Status changed to: Active

We will investigate this issue and keep you updated.


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Cool! I'm a developer with XRDP. Feel free to contact me directly at for more information. I also have been testing XRDP with Microsoft Clients and have other bugs you might be interested in!

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Hey, any progress on this? I have absolutely the same issue, but not M1 and BigSur 11.6

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I've consistently had this issue for well over a year. Big Sur, RD 10.7.4


Most often happens when I Cmd-Tab from my RD session directly to Slack, but this isn't always the trigger. Quitting RD frees up Slack again. The opposite is not true.

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I'm having exactly the same issue with Slack causing Microsoft Remote Desktop to freeze or vice versa. I'm using the latest OS version of Monterey (12.3.1) and the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop (10.7.6) and they just won't work together. It's making life really difficult, as I'm working with Ixiasoft through MRD all day, and trying to keep in contact with colleagues in Slack. Restarting both apps 10-15 times a day is ridiculous. 

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@davidelliott It's a poor workaround, but if you disable the clipboard on your remote connection, this crash doesn't happen. So what I do is if I REALLY need the clipboard I recognize I'm rolling the dice, but I do so with eyes open.


Otherwise, I generally try to keep it disabled.

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Thanks Nexarian. I wasn't able to find any option to disable the clipboard in Microsoft Remote Desktop. I unchecked the copy-paste option (maybe that's what you meant), but unfortunately, that's had no effect on the instability - both apps crashed again today.


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@davidelliott This is what I mean.


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@Nexarian Many thanks for taking the time to point this out. I've deselected the option - let's see if it helps to avoid the crashes. Thanks again.

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Thanks @Nexarian - the workaround worked!

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+1, I have met same issue as well. It's a terrible experience as I have to force quit Slack/Remote desktop, and hesitate to restart of them. 

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I have the clipboard deselected now, which is not exactly convenient, but it seemed to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the crashes started again today. It always requires a force-quit of both apps, which is frustrating. However, I found that avoiding going directly from Remote Desktop to Slack, and instead clicking on another application between, can help to avoid crashes.