Crashes when changing to another window/app

Crashes when changing to another window/app



 Jan 11 2024
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I've been using the Mac version of Microsoft Remote Desktop ever since I switched to Mac.

Currently sitting on this Version 10.9.5 (2179).


Every day I face multiple crashes with it, and they all happen when I'm working inside the Remote Desktop and then I switch to another application on my Mac like teams for example, or Safari, to browse the web.

It will sometimes close/crash the Microsoft Remote Desktop, then I receive a crash report that asks if I want to re-open it and submit a crash report, which I always do.


It doesn't open every time I alt+tab or switch to another app, but in a day, it probably happens 10 times.


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You indeed have the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop version installed.


Assuming that your Mac has enough resources to run both Remote desktop and the other apps at the same time (please check this out). I recommend to update your MacOS to the latest version.


Or you can use the Remote desktop web version (Open your web browser and go to: until a new Remote desktop version comes out. 


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Hello @samy_vanderspikken .

Thank you for your comment.


I am running the MacBook Air M2 15", 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, on the latest MacOs version. With only safari, teams and the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, no other application is open or running in the background.


Via the web it also bugs out. Out of nowhere, the screen is blue. (inside Microsoft remote desktop I'm only running chrome)



Is there a way to report these issues to Microsoft? I much prefer to have the app as it provides with more room to work with once "inside".

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No problem and thanks for checking this out. 


Indeed I understand, it is best to get direct help from Microsoft’s Technical Support Team.


You can do so by using the link below:

Use link:


1. Type the issue and click Get Help.

2. Click Login and Contact Support at the bottom of the page.

3. Log in with your Microsoft account.

4. Under products and Services, select Microsoft 365 and Office Option.

5. Under category, select Technical Support.

6. Click "Chat with a support agent".


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