Can't update to New Outlook on Azure Virtual Desktop

Can't update to New Outlook on Azure Virtual Desktop



 Apr 26 2023
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It's not possible to update from Outlook Win32 to Monarch on Azure Virtual Desktop. For the intended purposes using the OWA client doesn't resolve.


Once you toggle the pop up displays it's downloading, but stays there forever.

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Same problem here.


I first thought we have to update to the newest FSLogix version, since that includes support for Appx installs. After updating the problem still occurs.


I noticed that on some AVD farms I am able to open the new Outlook "OutlookForWindows". But after signing off from Windows and logging back in it reverts to the classic Outlook. 


Hopefully it's just a early-preview thing.


Would be ideal to be able to access both Win32 and the New Outlook (Monarch) on Azure Virtual Desktop.

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Bumping this thread.


FSLogix has released an updated version to support the new Teams client. It detects and registers the AppX package, so it's not removed after signoff.


I haven't seen any mentioned support for the new Outlook client however. 


For me the whole app still keeps disappearing after signing off, even with the latest version of FSLogix. Has anyone had any succesfull results on getting the new Outlook running on AVD?