after update from 10.7.1 to 10.7.2 can no longer connect

after update from 10.7.1 to 10.7.2 can no longer connect



 Dec 17 2021
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Great update - it no longer works.

literally 30 seconds from working on the old version to the new I can no longer connect with the error


An error occurred while communicating with the Remote Desktop Gateway. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance.


Error code: 0x3000066


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Please this needs an urgent review with over 400 user now being sent home to work and many on Mac a braking update is the last thing we all need.

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Hi @IanRawlings,

Apologies for this inconvenience, to help inform the AVD team:

Are users experience the same issue on version 10.7.3? 

As noted by other customers who experienced gateway connection errors after version 10.7.2: installing the most recent beta version of 10.7.1 was a temporary fix

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If you, or a peer, is the admin in charge of your Remote Desktop deployment can you please reach out directly to where a test account can be provided to AVD engineers to debug and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Furthermore, outlining the steps or providing a video (it can be taken with a smartphone) leading up to the error will help us move quickly. Thanks

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I've done as requested but had zero response? Is there anything that can be done to push this issue as its causing all kind of headache with users now working from home before Christmas?

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I'm still waiting for someone to do me the honour in responding, I appreciate the time of year but I have not even been acknowledged.

I have more users every day with the same problem so it clearly needs fixing as was broken by MS, can you roll back the version on the app store to the one that worked while you take your time to find a solution? 


@IanRawlings ,

Apologies for the unfortunate timing of this problem as a significant amount of our engineering team on holiday. I can assure you this is a high priority for them, and you will receive a response once progress is made. As mentioned previously, you can always access previous versions of the Beta versions at

and users who have also faced a similar issue provided that the most recent version of 10.7.1 is stable and does encounter this problem. 

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Hi @js351  - we're having the same issue (school in the UK).


I have just emailed the address with credentials and videos of the situation. 




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