Advanced keyboard support for iPad

Advanced keyboard support for iPad



 Oct 31 2021
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Hey guys!


1. I use vim-like keyboard plugins in IDEs so I rely on key repeat a lot. Currently RD client on iPad with external keyboard doesn’t transmit key repeat. For example if you press and hold “j” key it will not be repeated. Please implement the workaround for this feature inside the app (e.g. see how it works in Blink Shell iPad app). Possible “hacks” for that here


2. I have custom key bindings on my windows with autohotkey. For example, I use “esc + j” for down arrow; “esc + y” for home, etc. These are essential on small keyboard like the magic keyboard. All of this doesn’t work with RD client because it looks like it doesn’t transmit key combintations like that. Please implement this feature (e .g. see how it works in Jump desktop app).

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We will investigate this issue and keep you updated.


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I have the same issue. When I remote into my Windows 10 PC via iPad with the RD Client, I can not get keys to repeat. I have noticed that the arrow keys will repeat, but none of the other keys. I am also a long time VIM user and repeating keys is essential to use this tool. 


This is on a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 with the Magic Keyboard(the one with trackpad), iPadOS 15.1. I have also tried with a different external keyboard and get the same results. 

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Key repeat works for any non alphanumeric keys: arrows, enter, backspace etc.


It’s apple’s “fault” and “by design”. It’s not a bug in remote desktop app. Key repeat is disabled on macs so that when you long press a it will suggest options like à á â ä etc. To disable such behavior and enable key repeat on mac you need to execute special terminal command. No such thing on ipad of course.

that’s why i’m asking great fellas at Microsoft to implement a “hack” to enable key repeat like other dev focused apps did. Ie intercept raw key codes and enable key repeat with something like nstimer.