add rdp-specific keyboard shortcut docs to mobile client 'help' menu

add rdp-specific keyboard shortcut docs to mobile client 'help' menu



 Nov 25 2021
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including some basic info about the different keyboard shortcuts required for remote desktop sessions and 'normal' (read: local logon) Windows ops would be helpful for remote workers. 


For instance, often-used keyboard shortcuts like app-switching with Alt+Tab are different in rdp sessions; including a 'map' of shortcuts for local vs. rdp would be great for remote workers to find in a 'help' section of the official MS rdp clients, especially the mobile clients. 


Or, if you really want to 'delight' users, implement a shortcut translation layer in the MS rdp clients for iOS and Android! Remote workers will love you for it ;)

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Thanks for your input. In order for a list of short cuts, remote workers can hold down the command key. If you want a list of Remote Desktop Service Shortcut keys across clients, please see win32/ at docs · MicrosoftDocs/win32 · GitHub.

That said, we are still working on improving the user experience are there more specific gaps you see when it comes to the mobile client user experience?

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Until additional feedback from @nociceptor, closing for now