Managing Azure services using the Azure CLI
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Welcome to the first entry of the new Azure Tools blog on the Azure CLI. We are excited to share with you the fruits of our largest effort we’ve been focusing on since the beginning of this year. Keep reading to learn what’s new in Azure CLI and follow us on tech community for monthly updates!

A top pain-point our customers struggle with is the lack of consistent native support for Azure services across common command line tools. Imagine you, as an IT professional or cloud specialist, attempting to use the Azure CLI to integrate Peering in your end-to-end cloud architecture, only to realize it’s not yet available via the Azure CLI; or you, as an experienced DevOps professional who’d like to automate API management, only to realize it’s only supported in PowerShell. How frustrating would the lack of feature parity be?

The Azure CLI team took on the challenge to provide native support for the most popular use cases across Azure’s public facing services in the last 6 months – so that you can have a great management experience without ever having to leave the Azure CLI.

What this means is that we not only extended Azure CLI’s support for existing core services such as Compute, Networking, Storage, Azure Resource Manager, etc., we’ve also implemented native commands for the following services over the past few months so that you can manage Azure resource at ease using the CLI:


Service Categories

List of Azure Services with CLI native support:


·        Azure Databricks (az databricks)

·        Azure DataShare (az datashare)

·        Azure PowerBI Dedicated  (az powerbi embedded-capacity)

·        Azure Stream Analytics (az stream-analytics)

·        Azure Synapse (az synapse)

·        Azure Time Series Insights (az timeseriesinsights)


·        Azure Blockchain (az blockchain)


·        Azure Logic App (az logic)

Management and Governance:

·        Azure Blueprint (az blueprint)

·        Azure Cost Management (az costmanagement)

·        Azure Action Rule for Monitor Alerts (az monitor action-rule)

·        Azure Resource Graph (az graph)

·        Azure Custom Resource Providers (az custom-providers resource-provider)

·        Azure Monitoring Solution for Log Analytics (az monitor log-analytics solution)

·        Azure Account management (az account)

Mixed Reality:

·        Azure Spatial Anchors (az spatial-anchors-account)


·        Azure Notification Hub (az notification-hub)  


·        Azure Peering service (az peering)


·        Azure Dedicated HSM ( az dedicated-hsm)


·        Azure Databox (az databox)

·        Azure HPC Cache (az storagecache)

·        Azure Storage (az import-export)

·        Azure File Sync (az storagesync)



Call to action:

We’d love for you to try out the new native CLI commands for the above services when you can -- and please don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback on the commands’ usability and applicability for your day to day use cases. We know that these commands are still early in the experimental stage but we certainly do look forward to improving them to serve you better. If you’re interested, visit our latest release notes to learn more 


Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts and subscribe to it! We will be sharing new support capabilities and features on a regular cadence



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