Azure CLI Microsoft Build 2022 Highlights
Published May 24 2022 07:22 PM 5,852 Views

Hi all! Hope you all enjoy and explore something cool to boost what you are building in Microsoft Build 2022. We’re glad to share some recent features that get released with Microsoft Build.

It’s also worth announcing this is our first release coming along with Breaking Changes. We are going to adopt twice-a-year release circle for future breaking changes down the road, to deliver the best experience with Azure CLI in our developer community.


Now Azure CLI is officially migrated to Microsoft Graph in 2.37.0.

As mentioned in Beta version, MS Graph CLI does have breaking changes as migrating from AAD Graph CLI, please refer to all breaking changes introduced with Microsoft Graph migration, if interested.


These changes primarily affect az ad commands including,


az ad app create
az ad app permission grant (updated from the beta version)
az ad app credential reset
az ad sp delete
az ad sp credential
az ad sp credential reset
az ad user create (updated from the beta version)
az ad user update (updated from the beta version)
az ad group get-member-groups
az ad group member add


Please share your feedback with us here or need any help.


We are also delighted to share with you another great work, that CLI team has been working on, called CodeGen V2.

This 2.37.0 release supports CodeGen V2 commands with couple of features,

  • Now you can generate Atomic CLI commands from REST API Specifications right inside an easy-to-use portal with a clean but interactive UI.
  • Generated commands also support Shorthand Syntax which can help cli users to pass complicated argument values.
  • Enabled settings for user’s multi-profiles and multi API versions.

Feel free to dive into the doc that introduces more about Atomic CLI commands and its benefits. Our official release note is also available now, if you’d like to check out anything you’re interest.


Azure CLI team would love to hear your feedback and experience on this official version of MS Graph. Need a help? Raise your hand and we are happy to help!


Thank you all for using Azure CLI and the continued support, we look forward to hearing from you.

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