AI-based CLI interactive mode
Published Jun 29 2023 12:49 AM 8,349 Views

We are excited to announce that the Azure CLI team combined AI with CLI interactive mode (az interactive) to provide users with an intelligent interactive experience. It is primarily oriented to inexperienced users in interactive mode to help reduce the learning curve, provide an intelligent interactive experience, and improve operation efficiency in complex scenarios.


Currently our product provides four revolutionary features as below,


Intelligent completion

It combines the AI-powered recommendation system based on Telemetry analysis to analyze and predict customer behavior, prioritizing the most needed contents as high-priority completion options.


Command recommendation


When you don't know what to do next, it supports recommending subsequent commands most used in other similar sessions.




Scenario identification

When you work on an end-to-end (E2E) scenario, it can identify the current possible scenarios and recommend a set of related command combinations for your specific E2E scenario. (It has a parameter completion mechanism, which can reduce repeated input of the same parameter values in the same scenario.)




Usage knowledge search

You can use natural language keywords to search for the commands and usage scenarios you need, and smoothly create and execute corresponding CLI tasks.




Moreover, we are investing in using ChatGPT's ability to generate complex and more accurate CLI tasks using multiple sessions, which will be announced in future versions. Please stay tuned with us.


If you want a more intuitive understanding of our features, you can watch the demo video.
No access? please download it as we also host on our GitHub repo.


How to use

Since "az interactive" is the interactive mode of CLI, which is installed as a CLI extensionyou only need to install the latest version of the "interactive" extension to try out these new features.


$ az extension add --name interactive --upgrade


All the AI-related features are enabled by default. If they disturb you, you can use the following command to disable them.


$ az config set interactive.enable_recommender=False




For more specific usage, see the "az interactive" guidelines.

If you encounter issues while using the CLI intelligent mode or have suggestions on how we can improve it, please create an issue on GitHub.

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