Synapse Studio error while trying to read data from Storage Account using SQL On Demand
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ErrorFile '' cannot be opened because it does not exist or it is used by another process.


Scenario: Storage is with the firewall set to use Selected Network\Allow Trusted Microsoft services. Be aware If that is the case you will need to create the MSI. In order to create MSI on SQL On Demand follow the script example steps. 

The error happens when you try to run the Select on the file that exist inside of the storage account from Synapse Studio using SQL On Demand.


Before I proceed with the step by step. Another link that may help you:


Here it goes - how to do it:


  1. First check if your account is Data Lake Storage Gen2. This is defined during the creation of the storage account. Fig. 1:


Fig. 1 Data Lake


  1. I am using for this test Selected Network\Allow Trusted Microsoft services. But It should work with All Networks as well. Fig. 2.firewall.pngFig. 2  Firewall
  2. Add the RBAC permission to your workspace. Fig. 3.workspace_permission.pngFig. 3  RBAC
  3. Open Synapse Studio
    1. Open Data option for SQL on Demand
    2. Create a database
    3. Point to the database created.
    4. Create the MSI which requires the master key
    5. Create the datasource.
    6. Run OpenRowset using that credential as data source.


Follow the script:




-------Change to YourDatabase


-- Create a database scoped credential.






Note my Storage Account is called Criativity, you should use for the MSI .dfs instead of .blob.



CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE YourDataSourceName_criativity



cREDENTIAL = [AppCred]




        BULK 'parquet/*.parquet',

        DATA_SOURCE = 'YourDataSourceName_criativity',

        FORMAT = 'PARQUET'

as X


That is it!


Thanks to the collegues Charl Roux and Veljko Vasic. :)


Liliam Leme

UK Engineer






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