Deploying a Dacpac using SQLPackage

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I'm trying to use SQLPackage to deploy a Dacpac using AccessToken authentication.


I'm using the following command...

.\sqlpackage.exe /Action:Publish /SourceFile:Database.dacpac / /TargetDatabaseName:DatabaseName /AccessToken:xxxx


The error message I'm getting is:

Unable to connect to target server ''. Please verify the connection information such as the server name, login credentials, and firewall rules for the target server.
Login failed for user '<token-identified principal>'.


Any ideas what's wrong here?


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I just ran into a similar issue.
Firstly, grab the access token and decode it (somewhere like does it client side)
Check that the payload has the following.
"aud": ""

If this is correct, check the user that the token is for is in a user or group that has access to the SQL Server. This can be via the Active Directory Admin setting on the Azure SQL Server, or a contained user on the SQL Database.
If you're using an SPN / Managed identity, it will need to be in an Azure AD Group, and added using the syntax here.