Coping data bi-directionally between Azure SQL Server and local SQL Server

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Brand new to Azure. Looking to be pointed in the right direction to find information on how to update my Azure db when my local db has been written to, and also to update my local DB when the Azure Db has been written to. 

I have a server on Azure and a local physical server. Both need to be able to have data updated and added, and then the new data needs to be pushed to the other server.


I have looked in to Always On Availability, but it seems like the secondary servers are read only.

Any idea on how to get this started would be greatly appreciated 


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@1Steveo69, to synchronize updates between 2 SQL Server instances, you would need to use Bidirectional transactional replication, which is supported across on-premise SQL Server, SQL Server Virtual Machines, SQL Server Managed Instance, but not Azure SQL Database. If your Database is hosted on a Virtual Machine or Managed Instance in Azure, the configuration steps within this article can be followed.