Windows Authentication for Azure AD principals for SQL Managed Instance is now Generally Available
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We are happy to announce the General Availability of Windows Authentication for Azure AD principals for SQL Managed Instance. We released a public preview of this feature in April 2022, since then this feature has been improved and adopted by many customers across industries.


Modernize your security infrastructure with Azure AD and migrate your legacy applications which cannot use Azure AD authentication and must stick with windows authentication for connection. Windows Authentication for Azure AD principals removes the migration blocker and provides support for a broader range of customer applications. This feature enables customers to migrate their applications to SQL Managed Instance with minimal/no changes in the application stack. 





SQL Managed Instance is implemented with Azure Active Directory and Kerberos


Windows Authentication for Azure AD principals on managed instances is available for devices or virtual machines (VMs) joined to Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, or hybrid Azure AD. An Azure AD hybrid user whose user identity exists both in Azure AD and AD can access a managed instance in Azure using Azure AD Kerberos.


Enabling Windows Authentication for a managed instance doesn't require customers to deploy new on-premises infrastructure or manage the overhead of setting up Domain Services.

Windows Authentication for Azure AD principals on Azure SQL Managed Instance enables two key scenarios: migrating on-premises SQL Servers to Azure with minimal changes and modernizing security infrastructure.


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