Start Planning Your Free, Azure Data Platform Training at Data Platform Summit 2022
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Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 (DPS 2022) is right around the corner! A FREE, global learning event for data professionals, DPS 2022 features a couple of learning formats including breakouts & Data Gurukuls. This content will be delivered by Azure Data Engineering, partner organizations, community leaders, and Data Platform MVPs. From September 19 to 23, the event is fine-tuned for multiple time zones running as five editions, ANZ, APAC, INDIA, EMEA, and AMERICAS making it a truly global and inclusive learning event. This year at DPS 2022 the content will be delivered in 14 different languages other than English. Attendees will get to learn about the latest SQL Server and Azure Data innovations and gain deep technical skills to move ahead in their careers.


Bob Ward and Buck Woody from the Microsoft Database Platform team will be leading the keynote showcasing how to “Create a Data Culture.”  Microsoft Database Platform team members will be delivering over 65+ sessions at DPS 2022, a Women in Technology panel, and multiple Data + AI Gurukul sessions. You'll also get to visit the virtual expo hall where you can connect with our team across SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Arc-enabled data services, PowerBI, and more. 


Hear the latest from the teams who develop the tools you use every day, and engage in live discussions. Start planning which sessions you'll be attending with our quick reference guide:



Session Title

Date/Time (PST)

Bob Ward & Buck Woody

Keynote: Creating a Data Culture

Repeated five times (Once for each edition)
18-09-22 15:30
19-09-22 17:30
20-09-22 20:00
22-09-22 0:30
23-09-22 6:30

Sandra Marin & James Herring

Prep for Exam DP- 203 and the Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification

18-09-22 16:45

Avnish Rastogi

Migrate MySQL Databases from on-premises and other cloud providers to Azure Database for MySQL with near Zero Downtime

18-09-22 18:00

Denzil Ribeiro & Balmukund Lakhani

Azure SQL DB Hyperscale - What's new and Beyond

18-09-22 19:15

Nikita Takru

What is Azure Arc-enabled data services

18-09-22 21:45

Uri Barash & Anshul Sharma

Observational Analytics with Synapse Data Explorer

18-09-22 21:45

Bob Ward & Ajay Jagannathan

Overview of SQL Server 2022

19-09-22 18:45

Sandra Marin & Juliane Padrao

Prep for Exam DP-300 and the Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification

19-09-22 18:45

Kate Smith & Derek Wilson

SQL Server 2022 IQP Deep Drive

19-09-22 20:00

Leo Li

Managed VNET in Cloud Scale Analytics: What's New & Best Practices

19-09-22 20:00

Anshul Sharma

Overview of Azure Data Explorer

19-09-22 21:15

Manish Sharma & Sandeep Nair

Synapse Link for Cosmos DB Best practices

19-09-22 22:30

Abhiman Tiwari

Data Replication in Azure SQL and Beyond

20-09-22 2:15

Dhananjay Mahajan

SQL MI on Kubernetes

20-09-22 21:15

Tejas Shah & Amit Khandelwal

SQL Server on Linux & Kubernetes! - From Zero to Hero

20-09-22 23:45

Shreya R. Aithal

Develop and deploy a MySQL application on Azure App Services.

20-09-22 23:45

Attinder Pal Singh & Balmukund Lakhani

Scale out read workloads with Azure SQL DB Hyperscale Named Replicas

21-09-22 1:00

Richa Gaur

How to model and partition data in Azure Cosmos DB to achieve cloud scale

21-09-22 1:00

Madhumita Tripathy & Anton Fritz

How to protect your data when it travels from Azure Synapse to PowerBI and to office

21-09-22 1:00

Alexandra Ciortea & Neel Ball

Modernize your Oracle workloads to Azure SQL - What's new?

21-09-22 2:15

Rahul Saha & Neil DSouza

Building fault tolerant applications with Azure Database for MySQL

21-09-22 3:30

Sudheesh Narayanaswamy & Shreya R. Aithal

Introduction to MySQL for the SQL Server user

21-09-22 4:45

Anna Hoffman & Marisa Brasile

Data Exposed Live: News Updates

21-09-22 7:00

Bashar Hussein & Siddhant Sawant

Improve database performance with Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server

21-09-22 7:00

Sunitha Muthukrishna & Vivek Gk

Copy and transform data in Azure Database for MySQL using Azure Data Factory or Synapse Analytics

21-09-22 7:00

Sai Kondapalli

Scale out database write performance in Azure Database for MySQL

21-09-22 7:00

Anton Fritz, Yael Biss & Naama Tsafrir

Govern your sensitive data in Power BI with Microsoft Purview

22-09-22 4:15

Adi Eldar

Azure Data Explorer for Data Scientists

22-09-22 5:30

Uros Milanovic

From bare metal to the SQL Managed Instance PaaS

22-09-22 5:30

Dani Ljepava & Mladen Andzic

Enjoy Azure SQL benefits using your SQL Server and Managed Instance link feature

22-09-22 5:30

Niko Neugebauer, Zoran Rilak & Mladen Andzic

Cost optimization for workloads on Azure SQL Managed Instance

22-09-22 6:45

Aditya Badramraju & Mohammed Kabiruddin

SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines - Configuring for price-performance

22-09-22 6:45

Alexandra Ciortea, Evangeline White, Valorie Hampton, Nikita Takru, Anna Hoffman, Shreya R. Aithal & Sandra Marin

Women-In-Technology Panel Discussion

22-09-22 8:00

Pieter Vanhove

Protect your data from tampering with Ledger

22-09-22 8:00

Avner Aharoni

Building highly concurrent applications with Azure Data Explorer

22-09-22 8:00

Collin Brian & Kellyn Gorman

Make Azure the Future Home of Your Oracle Workloads

22-09-22 9:15

Venkata Raj Pochiraju

Manage on-premises SQL Servers with the power of Azure- “Arc-enabled SQL Servers”

22-09-22 9:15

Shireen Bahadur, Chuck Heinzelman, Rodrigo Souza, Jason Huang & Wee Hyong Tok

Overview of Synapse Link

22-09-22 9:15

Ulrich Christ

SAP connectivity in Azure Data Factory

22-09-22 9:15

Des FitzGerald, Naveen Samba & Sumit Sarabhai

SQL Modernization- Enterprise Requirements, Blockers, IPs, and Best Practices

23-09-22 7:45

Mukesh Kumar, Narendra Angange & Kapil Samant

Oracle to SQL/PostgreSQL Modernization- Enterprise Requirements, Blockers, IPs, and Best Practices

23-09-22 7:45

Rohit Nayak, Sranavi Saluru & Madhumita Tripathy

Protect your data in the cloud with the latest security enhancements for Azure SQL

23-09-22 7:45

Sudhir Raparla, Rajesh Setlem & Scott Kim

Azure SQL availability and resiliency for modern applications

23-09-22 7:45

David Pless & Kevin Farlee

SQL Server 2022 Engine Deep Dive Part 1

23-09-22 9:00

Sandra Marin & Shannon Linsday

Prep for Exam DP-500 and the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate Certification

23-09-22 9:00

Carlos Robles, Ajith Krishnan & David Levy

How to migrate SQL Server databases to Azure

23-09-22 9:00

Mark Kromer

What's New in Azure Data Factory

23-09-22 9:00

Niko Neugebauer & Uros Randjelovic

Azure Sql Managed Instance - the future of flexible cloud-based data centers

23-09-22 9:00

Mukesh Kumar, Ashish Khandelwal & Amethyst Solomon

Mainframe/Midrange to Azure Data Modernization- Enterprise Requirements, Blockers, IPs, and Best Practices

23-09-22 10:15

David Pless & Kevin Farlee

SQL Server 2022 Engine Deep Dive Part 2

23-09-22 10:15

Charles Webb

What's new in Datamarts

23-09-22 10:15

Srdjan Bozovic & Mirek Sztajno

Azure AD authentication and Microsoft Purview access policies for SQL Server 2022 on Azure Arc-enabled servers

23-09-22 10:15

Nellie Gustafsson & Mark Hamilton

Massively scalable machine learning on Spark with Synapse ML

23-09-22 10:15

Dinakar Nethi

Multicloud and Hybrid readiness: Mission Critical capabilities from Azure-Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance - Part1

23-09-22 11:30

Martin Lee & Daniel Coelho

An in-depth look into Azure Synapse Spark

23-09-22 11:30

Gaurav Malhotra

Unified data governance with Microsoft Purview

23-09-22 11:30

Arvind Shyamsundar

SQL Graph: best practices for easily modelling and querying complex data models

23-09-22 11:30

Dinakar Nethi

Multicloud and Hybrid readiness: Mission Critical capabilities from Azure-Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance - Part2

23-09-22 12:45

Sandra Marin

Ask the Expert: Get Microsoft Certified

23-09-22 12:45

David Pless

SQL Server 2022 tempdb - The Uncontended

23-09-22 12:45

Morgan Oslake

Compute auto-scaling using serverless in Azure SQL Database

23-09-22 12:45

Perry Skountrianos & Kendal Van Dyke

SQL Server 2022 “Goodies”

23-09-22 14:00

Charles Feddersen

Building Scale-out OLTP with PostgreSQL Hyperscale (Citus)

23-09-22 14:00

Venkata Raj Pochiraju

SQL Server 2022 – Azure integration to enable Hybrid solutions out of the box

23-09-22 15:15

Avnish Rastogi & Sai Kondapalli

Leveraging ARM, CLI & Terraform to provision Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server using private or public access

23-09-22 15:15



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