Recently released: Updates to SqlPackage and the DacFx ecosystem
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The first release of the 162 version of Sqlpackage and DacFx is now generally available, introducing a new version number following the transition to the standalone ScriptDOM library. The SqlPackage release notes include the addition of usage data collection and a number of deployment-related fixes. 




As the primary command-line interface to DacFx, SqlPackage often benefits from dependency changes in DacFx, including the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient driver. In SqlPackage 162.0.52, the SqlClient driver has been updated from v5.0.1 to v5.1.0, bringing support for TLS1.3 encrypted connections to the .NET Core builds of SqlPackage and the ServerCertificate connection string setting for validation of SQL Server’s TLS/SSL certificate. 


Many of the fixes in this release were triaged out of issues submitted on the DacFx GitHub repository and are visible in the release milestone.  The full list of SqlPackage fixes from the release, including eight deployment-related fixes, are also listed in the SqlPackage release notes. To improve our ability to service and enhance SqlPackage, SqlPackage now collects usage data, including anonymous feature usage and diagnostic data. For more information, see the documentation section on Usage data collection.


If you’ve switched to using the SqlPackage dotnet tool for the convenient install and updates, you can update Sqlpackage now from the command line with: 




dotnet tool update –g microsoft.sqlpackage 








System Dacpacs

Whether your database accesses another database (a system database or another user database) or the project’s schema is split into several parts, database references extend projects by linking additional objects to the project. In a previous release of the Microsoft.Build.Sql project SDK, we introduced database references from packages. With this exciting feature you have increased flexibility in your database references and build system architecture as the burden of loading and updating additional files is reduced as the references can be to package feeds.


With database references to NuGet packages you’re able to receive updated versions of the system databases more easily. Alongside the v162 release of DacFx, we’re releasing individual dacpacs for the master and msdb databases to better support scenarios where both databases may be referenced.  Synapse Analytics serverless SQL pools also now has a master dacpac published as a NuGet package. More information on the various NuGet packages for system dacapacs applicable to SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Synapse Analytics is available on the DacFx GitHub repository.


Learn more about using package references in SQL projects from the documentation.



In case you missed it – the SQL code parsing library ScriptDOM is now open source ( and available on GitHub. As part of this process, it is also shipped as a standalone library on No tricks being played in DacFx to access ScriptDOM, it uses the same package available to everyone on

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