JSON is Generally available in Azure Sql Database!
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First published on MSDN on Sep 05, 2016
JSON functionalities are now generally available in Azure Sql Database ! All functions that are available in SQL Server 2016 are also available in Azure Sql Database.

Azure Sql Database enables you to get values from JSON documents using JSON_VALUE function, modify values in JSON text using JSON_MODIFY function, transform JSON to table using OPENJSON function or format Sql query results as JSON text using FOR JSON clause:

You can also index JSON values using NONCLUSTERED or FullText Search indexes .

JSON is available in all service tiers (basic, standard, and premium) but only in new SQL Database V12 . You can see quick  introduction here or more details in Getting Started page. you can also find code samples that JSON functions in Azure Sql Database on official Sql Server/Azure Sql Database GitHub repository .

Note that OPENJSON function requires database compatibility level 130 . If all functions work except OPENJSON, you would need to set the latest compatibility level in database.
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