Join Azure SQL Managed Instance Product Group at PASS Summit 2022
Published Nov 07 2022 08:19 AM 3,431 Views

NikoNeugebauer_2-1667833391825.pngJoin Azure SQL Managed Instance Product Group team at PASS Data Community Summit 2022

This year we are bringing 14 sessions in total with 1 full day workshop, 4 live sessions (where one is delivered online), appearance at Data Exposed4 Pre-recorded sessions with live Q&A, 2 theater sessions and 1 Focus Group where we shall be researching how customers are seeing SQL MI in the future.

Besides the Product Managers who will be present in-person, a lot of our colleagues will be delivering session remotely - including the "Ask Us Anything about SQL Managed Instance" delivered by Borko Novakovic, SQL Managed Instance Product Owner. 

You can find us at the Microsoft booth almost around the clock, with one or multiple Product Managers being present there - to help you understand and learn about the latest development and additions to our PaaS offering.

Nevena Nikolic will deliver an exciting Theater Session at Microsoft Booth on SQL Managed Instance performance, and Dani Ljepava together with Niko Neugebauer will spend 20 minutes explaining SQL Managed Instance new platform features.

Also notice that we have hidden some true gems in some of our sessions, and in order to find them - you will have to attend them.


Here is the complete schedule of the sessions and opportunities to interact with Azure SQL Managed Instance Product Group Team:








A day with SQL Managed Instance


Niko Neugebauer, Dani Ljepava

Mon Nov 14th, 8:30 AM PST


Data Exposed: What’s New in Azure SQL Managed Instance


Niko Neugebauer, Dani Ljepava

Wed Nov 16th, 9:30 AM PST


Azure SQL MI – the future of flexible cloud-based data centers

Pre-recorded with Q&A

Uros Ranđelović, Niko Neugebauer

Wed Nov 16th, 10:15 AM PST


The Ultimate Freedom of Movement between SQL Server 2022 and Managed Instance


Dani Ljepava, Niko Neugebauer

Wed Nov 16th, 11:15 AM PST


Ask Us Anything about SQL Managed Instance

Live Q&A

Borko Novaković, Azure SQL MI PG Team

Wed Nov 16th, 4:00 PM PST


10 Cool Things About SQL Managed Instance


Niko Neugebauer, Dani Ljepava

Wed Nov 16th, 4:45 PM PST


Azure SQL Manages Instance Roadmap

Pre-recorded with Q&A

Vladimir Ivanović, Uroš Milanović

Thu Nov 17th, 9:30 AM PST


SQL Managed Instance new platform features

Theater Session

Dani Ljepava, Niko Neugebauer

Thu Nov 17th, 10:30 AM PST


Distributed database workload in hybrid environment template

Pre-recorded with Q&A

Saša Popović

Thu Nov 17th, 11:15 AM PST


Unlock New Value in the Cloud with Azure SQL Managed Instance


Nevena Nikolić, Dani Ljepava, Niko N.

Thu Nov 17th, 11:15 AM PST


Azure SQL MI End-to-end Demo Part for DBAs and Devs


Milan Lazić, Dani Ljepava, Niko Neugebauer

Fri Nov 18th, 09:30 AM PST


From bare metal to the SQL Managed Instance PaaS

Pre-recorded with Q&A

Uroš Milanović

Fri Nov 18th, 11:15 AM PST


Future of SQL MI PaaS

Focus Group

Dani Ljepava, Niko Neugebauer

Fri Nov 18th, 11:30 AM PST


Performance on Azure SQL Managed Instance

Theater Session

Nevena Nikolić

Fri Nov 18th, 12:00 PM PST


Do not forget about Wednesday Keynote:Transform your Data Estate with Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform with Rohan Kumar, CVP, Microsoft Azure Data:
Join Microsoft's Rohan Kumar and senior Microsoft engineering leaders for a keynote delivered live from Seattle. We'll showcase how Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform, including databases, analytics, and governance can seamlessly integrate to transform your data estate.


Azure SQL Managed Instance is a part of overall Azure SQL brand and we are inviting you to discover all the details for the Azure SQL Product Group presence in the main post Join Microsoft at PASS Data Community Summit 2022.


For us, this event represents a celebration of the amazing work of our Engineers, Engineering Managers, Product Managers and our Leadership Teams, who has worked tirelessly - leading, planning, developing, testing, delivering, analyzing, improving and promoting product - Azure SQL Managed Instance.


Register today at and accelerate your career growth. Make sure to also check out our Microsoft @ Summit page for up-to-date info. See you there!