Full Text Indexing Basics with Azure SQL | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
Published Sep 27 2022 09:00 AM 1,550 Views

Today’s large data fields (LDF) are full of unstructured information stored in varchar, text, varbinary or xml data types. How do you write an application to search the column for patterns? Traditional SQL techniques using a column INDEX and LIKE operator result in a query plan that contains a full table scan. This will result in poor query performance for large tables.


During this episode of Data Exposed: MVP Edition with Anna Hoffman and John Miner, they'll introduce the brothers Grimm database that has the full text of each fairy tale. They will create a full-text catalog/index, select a change tracking strategy, define an optional stop list/thesaurus file, and then populate the index. And they will use CONTAINS and FREETEXT operators in SELECT queries to leverage the newly created FTI. The resulting query plan uses an index seek with better query performance.


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