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The last six months have seen an unprecedented acceleration in digital transformation. There has never been a more important time for DBAs and developers to prepare for an increasingly cloud-centric future. That’s why we’ve partnered with PASS, a worldwide community of over 300,000 data professionals, to create an interactive learning experience that allows you to test your talent and build your skill set for the future, all while earning to chance to win prizes! Sign up now for the Azure SQL Championship, starting October 12th. Here are three great reasons to compete:

1. Learn about Azure SQL the fun way.
Who says that learning about virtualized instances of SQL Server can’t be exciting? The Azure SQL Championship is more than just a webinar or training session. Enjoy special videos from SQL experts like Bob Ward as he introduces the challenges and provides helpful hints for participants. Be sure to watch for the daily quizzes and trivia to earn badges and climb the leaderboard! If you’ve been meaning to learn more about Azure SQL, this is a fantastic way to start.

2. Translate your SQL Server knowledge to Azure SQL.
If you’re already familiar with SQL Server, this championship is a great opportunity to start future-proofing your skills by applying them to SQL on Azure. The Azure SQL Championship will feature three real-world challenges that take participants through a range of essential topics as they answer questions about Azure SQL and submit architectures, which will be reviewed by a judging panel. These examples are designed to help you think through common use-cases and migration scenarios, giving you opportunities to leverage your existing SQL Server expertise in new ways.

3. Win recognition and prizes!
A little competition never hurt anyone! Complete the weekly challenges and daily quizzes to earn bragging rights as you watch yourself climb the leaderboard and compete against other players to earn the top honors. The top contenders will join us on stage at PASS Summit 2021 and have the chance to win other cool prizes, like free PASS Summit conference passes with included travel accommodations, a Raspberry Pi, and more! Participants must complete a web form to submit answers for our expert community judging panel. Official rules are posted on the website for more details.

Ready to get started? Register for the Azure SQL Championship today. And after you’ve finished competing, continue your learning at PASS Virtual Summit 2020, where we’ll be showcasing top teams. See you on the leaderboard!

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