Code Analyze your SQL scripts in Visual Studio and elsewhere | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
Published Apr 30 2024 11:41 AM 1,727 Views

Maybe you already take advantage of the C# code analyzers built into the .NET SDK, that help you improve code consistency, quality, security and avoid common mistakes and potential bugs. But did you know that it is also possible to run analyzer rules against your SQL Server T-SQL object definitions (DDL) and stored procedures (DML)? By storing all your T-SQL scripts under source control in a Visual Studio Database Project (.sqlproj) or in a MSBuild.SDK.Sqlproj project, you can take advantage of this little known feature. Learn more in this episode of Data Exposed: MVP Edition with Anna Hoffman and Erik Ejlskov.


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How to: Code analyze your SQL Server T-SQL scripts in Visual Studio | ErikEJ's blog


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