Announcing General Availability of Stop-Start capability for Azure SQL Managed Instance
Published Nov 15 2023 07:20 AM 1,135 Views

After a year being in public preview, a lot of positive customer feedback, and ironing out minor hiccups, we are pleased to announce that start-stop capability for Azure SQL Managed Instance is now in GA.


Being released as part of the November 2022 Feature Wave (which is generally available at the same time), a stop-start feature brought a new way for cost optimization of compute and license costs.
Limitations that are being removed as part of the transition from public preview to GA state:
  • Feature is now available for all subscription types (previously available only for dev-test subscriptions with Feature Wave enabled).
  • PowerShell and CLI commands are released (previously only Azure Portal and API were available).
This article announces the GA state of the feature, and for full level of details as well as ready-to-use commands visit the original Optimize cost of SQL Managed Instances with new stop-start capability blog or the official documentation page.
Since stop-start capability is only one of the available cost-optimization tools, you might find interesting an article that talks more in detail how to do more with less in Azure SQL Managed Instance.
If you are running on a limited budget, do not worry, as you can try or run Azure SQL Managed Instance for $100 per month.
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