Announcing Public Preview: Kubernetes Metadata & Logs Filtering in Azure Monitor-Container Insights
Published May 21 2024 12:28 PM 1,351 Views

Today at Build, we are excited to announce the Public Preview of Kubernetes Metadata and Logs Filtering in Azure Monitor - Container Insights! This new feature enhances the ContainerLogsV2 schema with additional Kubernetes metadata such as PodLabels, PodAnnotations, PodUid, Image, ImageID, ImageRepo and ImageTag. The Logs Filtering feature provides filtering capabilities for both workload and platform (i.e. system namespaces) logs coming out of containers. Additionally, enhance your Kubernetes Metadata experience by leveraging the Grafana dashboard to visualize log levels, volume, rate, records and much more. With these features, users gain richer context and improved visibility into their workloads.


Key Features

  • Enhanced ContainerLogV2 schema with Kubernetes Metadata Fields: Detailed metadata fields enhance log analysis. These include “podLabels,” “podAnnotations,” “podUid,” “image,” “imageID,” “imageRepo,” and “imageTag.”
  • Customized Include List Configuration: Users can tailor metadata fields via ConfigMap. All fields are collected by default.
  • Enhanced ContainerLogV2 schema with Log Level: Assess application health with color-coded severity levels (e.g., CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING). Helps incident response and proactive monitoring.
  • Annotation Based Log Filtering for workloads: Efficient log filtering through podAnnotations. Focus on relevant information, optimizing costs and resource usage.
  • ConfigMap Based Log Filtering for platform logs (System Kubernetes Namespaces): Enables ability to configure log collection of specific pods within the system namespaces through ConfigMap.  
  • Grafana Dashboard for Visualization: Visualize log levels, log volume, rate, records, and more. The Grafana dashboard empowers in-depth analysis and real-time monitoring.



To learn more and enable the Kubernetes Metadata and Logs Filtering experience, follow the steps here:


If you have any questions or feedback on Kubernetes Metadata and Logs Filtering, please reach out to or fill out this survey!

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