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As the cloud continues to evolve, your work as a network engineer will only get more stimulating—and challenging. Your role overseeing your company’s computer infrastructure is as demanding as it is essential, and that’s why we’ve developed a new Azure Skills Navigator guide dedicated to helping network engineers like you not only get started on Azure, but develop your specialty in networking solutions.

It’s essential to stay informed about the latest cloud technology to stay competitive in today’s employment market. From migrating workloads to the cloud and managing hybrid connectivity to empowering remote workers and supporting strategic scenarios that enable digital transformation, it can be a challenge to keep up with your workload. We understand your efforts and are here to help.


Starting your networking journey with Azure

This Azure learning journey is uniquely designed for network engineering professionals needing to recommend, plan, and implement Azure networking solutions, including:

  • Hybrid networking
  • Connectivity
  • Routing
  • Security
  • Private access to Azure services

You already know that networking in the cloud is different. When you plan to deploy your applications and services in Azure, you start by creating a logical boundary, or virtual network. You no longer manage physical equipment, but you still must plan for the logical entities such as IP addresses, IP subnets, routing, and policies.

Start your networking journey in the cloud by understanding the basic tenets of Azure networking, how to configure hybrid connections, and manage the solutions for performance, resiliency, scale, and security.


Explore ongoing learning opportunities

After mastering the basics, you’ll next learn to deploy networking solutions by using the Azure Portal and other methods, including PowerShell, Azure Command Line Interface (CLI), and Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates). You’ll gain an understanding of networking architectures and patterns, and how to configure, manage, secure, and troubleshoot virtual networks.


All of this is accomplished with a trove of carefully curated digital training, learning courses, videos, documents, certifications, and more. You can travel at your own pace, and then continue your Azure exploration with ongoing learning opportunities.

With a particular focus on networking solutions, our guide breaks down the particulars of deploying, managing, and securing networks. Below is a glance at the reading and videos to help you become adept at everything Azure:

Explore Azure Networking Services

Examine several of the core networking resources available in Azure. You’ll learn about configuring Azure Virtual Network into a customized network and using Azure VPN Gateway and Azure ExpressRoute to create secure communication tunnels between your company’s different locations.

Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks

Learn how to design and implement fundamental Azure Networking resources such as virtual networks, public and private IPs, DNS, virtual network peering, routing, and Azure Virtual Network Network Address Translation (NAT).

What is Azure Virtual Network?

Get an overview of Azure Virtual Network and how it enables many types of Azure resources to securely communicate with each other, the internet, and on-premises resources.

Introduction to Azure Private Link

Understand how Azure Private Link enables private connectivity to Azure services, including its features, how it works, and its use cases.

Introduction to Azure DNS

Discover Azure Domain Name Services (DNS), how it works, and when you should choose to use Azure DNS to meet your organization’s needs.

Introduction to Azure Virtual Network NAT

Learn how to describe the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Network Address Translation (Azure Virtual Network NAT) service and discusses scenarios of usage. Learn how it works and explores basic steps for its deployment and configuration.


Get started today

As the world of cloud computing continues to evolve, this is your chance to grow with it.

Download the guide and start learning today.

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