Getting an error when trying to increase lab capacity?

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One goal but two issues.  I've created a template and published it with a VM pool of three VMs in order to test the Template before finally publishing it for the class.  I am now ready to do the final publication, but I am unable to increase the capacity of the lab to 25 VMs, or even increase it by 1.  I get the error message "An error occurred while updating the lab capacity."

My second thought was to export it to the Azure Compute Gallery, and then just delete the old lab and create a new one with the appropriate number of VMs, but after selecting the Export option and waiting a day, I don't see where I can select the Template.  It doesn't show up as an option when creating a new lab.

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@TonyV333 ,


Are you using lab accounts or lab plans?


For the lab capacity issue:    

If you are using lab accounts, try decreasing the lab capacity by 1, then increasing it again.

If you are using lab plans, try checking the Quota and Usages blade for Lab Services.  You might need to request more core capacity.

Here are the instructions for requesting more cores quota:


For the export issue, please verify:

  1. Image was successfully created in the gallery.
  2. Image was successfully replicated to all regions in your geography is using lab accounts.  If using lab plans, image must be replicated to same location as the lab plan you are using.  
  3. If using lab plans, verify region of lab plan is same region as compute gallery.  (If not, please log a support ticket, they can help with this issue.)
  4. Image is enabled on the lab plan.  (I can't remember if new images are enabled by default or not.)

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Thanks Elizabeth, you're response has given me so info that allowed me to dig deeper into this.  I believe I'm using Lab Plans, but I'm very new to Azure labs.  I assume it's lap plans from the item in the red box.


Even though I think it's lab plans and not accounts, I did try decreasing the capacity by one and I still got the same error message.

I found the Azure compute gallery and I see the template that I exported, however it is disabled and I am unable to enable it.  This may be a permissions group so I've put an internal ticket in with our service desk to see if permissions need to be changed to enable to image, or perhaps them need to do it upon request.  I will post a response once I hear back from our internal server desk.



It does look like you are using lab plans.  I can't tell from the screen capture what the issue is.  At this point, I think you need to log a support request with Azure to get help.  They'll be able to look up some logs and figure out what is going on.


Regarding enabling the image from your compute gallery, you will need the ability to edit the lab plan.  So, something like Lab Services Contributor, Contributor or Owner on the lab plan would allow you to enable/disable images from a compute gallery.  A lab creator will not have the necessary privileges.



Thanks for the reply.  One of our admins was able to enable the template from the Azure Compute Gallery for me, so that was a permissions issue.  They haven't been able to help with the lab capacity issue so I'll open a ticket with MS.


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@TonyV333 Hello,


Did you solve this issue? I have the same issue, and I am not able to solve it. 



@ammar1987 ,


This thread was talking about a few things, so I'm not sure what issue you are having.  Could you start a new thread will some more details?  Are you having issues with increasing the lab capacity?  Are you using lab accounts or lab plans?  Is there any error in the Activity Log for the lab resource (found in the Azure portal)?


I would also suggest, checking out  I know the article says "new lab", but many of the TSG suggestions also apply to increasing lab capacity.  The most common problems are permission issues ( or not enough core capacity (


If none of that helps, please create a support request. (  


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Thanks. I was asking about the point in the last reply, i.e.,  increasing the lab capacity. 

I will check the links and open a ticket if this doesn't work.