Your Complete Guide to Azure Integration Services Workshop
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Seamless integration has become essential for accelerating the digital transformation of successful businesses. Azure Integration Services, a flexible and comprehensive integration platform, empowers organizations to create tailored solutions aligned with their unique requirements. Collaborating with our extensive network of nearly 1,500 managed partners, we’ve supported over 65,000 customers globally in achieving transformative change through their integration initiatives.


Thriving ecosystems are rooted in robust partnerships. Together with our global ecosystem partners, we work with our customers to drive and scale your successful integration efforts. Our efforts have brought about transformational changes for our customers. Notable success stories, such as SPAR NL's event-driven Azure platform and BÜCHI's real-time data exchange, showcase the power of strategic partnerships. With a shared vision for innovation and customer-centricity, Microsoft and its certified partners continue to pave the way for groundbreaking integration solutions.   


In our ongoing commitment to support partners like you in scaling customer success, we’ve recently launched the Azure Discovery Workshop for Azure Integration Services. This "campaign-in-a-box" collection offers partners seamless access to all the necessary components for conducting workshops centered around Azure Integration Services. This comprehensive toolkit encompasses PowerPoint presentations, training videos, social media and blog copy, and graphics – everything essential for a successful workshop execution.


Delve into the "Accelerate Innovation with Integration Services" workshop to uncover how Azure Integration Services accelerates innovation, boosts productivity, and promotes a competitive advantage. This workshop offers a comprehensive set of resources showcasing the Azure Integration Services advantage, real life customer success stories and more. Additionally, it delves into the finding of the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study on Azure Integration Services, revealing a 295% return on investment over three years with a payback of under six months.  


From there, you’ll lead your workshop attendees in an immersive journey through an interactive demonstration showcasing Azure Integration Services in action, focusing on a digital supply chain scenario. This hands-on session entails practical tasks, including provisioning an Azure API Management resource, setting up an Azure Logic Apps instance, and provisioning an Azure function app via Visual Studio. These exercises offer tangible insights into the platform's real-world applications, empowering attendees with practical experience and understanding. 


You’ll also get access to our Train the Trainer video, which provides additional context for engaging in meaningful conversations with your customers. Plus, leverage our curated social media copy, custom emails, and graphics to amplify your outreach efforts.  


Ready to execute your own Azure Discovery Workshop? Head over to the Microsoft Partner website today to get started! 

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