Introducing the New Azure Logic Apps Designer for Consumption: Faster, Smoother, and More Reliable
Published Mar 25 2024 08:00 AM 3,522 Views

The Same Designer Everywhere

We have unified the designer experience for all our supported platforms with the general availability of the new designer for consumption. This covers standard Azure Logic Apps, the standard Azure Logic Apps Visual Studio Code extension, and our consumption Azure Logic Apps experience in portal.

What are the benefits of the new designer for consumption?

Our newly designed consumption interface provides numerous advanced features compared to its predecessor:

  1.         Enhanced Speed: With optimized loading and rendering capability, it smoothly handles large and intricate flows, ensuring a seamless workflow.
  2.        Complex Workflow Support: This new design outperforms the previous one at managing intricate 'run after' scenarios. While the old design often led to workflows looping back on themselves, which made any moderately complex workflow hard to follow, the current design offers a clearer and more user-friendly layout for navigating these workflows.
  3.        Intuitive User Interface: The revamped interface aims at user-friendliness and easy navigation, facilitating smoother editing and less complex operations.
  4.        Innovative Functionalities: Building upon the feedback from last year, we added new and improved features, such as:

           ▪            Copy and paste actions

           ▪            Re-submission from action

           ▪            A simpler token picker, designed for writing complex expressions with ease

  1.        Accessibility: Thoughtfully designed from the very start to promote inclusivity, we've improved aspects like keyboard navigation for enhanced speed and ease of use for those who need it.
  2.        Future Enhancements: We’ve made the new designer open-source for community usage and feedback. This transparency fosters a co-creative environment where we grow and improve based on your valuable input. Your feedback directly influences our future enhancements and decisions. Another important note about future enhancements is that for UX only features (not requiring the backend support), we can make features available across all of our designers on day 1 since they share a single code base.

What if I want to use the old designer?

We appreciate your feedback if the new designer does not suit your needs for any reason. Please create an issue at or email us directly at  .


However, if you still want to use the old designer for any reason, we will keep it as an option for now. You can access it by clicking “Enable Legacy Designer” from the command bar of the designer. You can also force it by going to if you have any trouble accessing the designer for any reason. The legacy designer will not be fully supported in the future, it will not receive any new features or updates. We plan to keep it as long as we can though for those who prefer it.

What's next for the new designer?

Some of the features we are working on for the new designer include:

  1. Continuing to improve performance and reliability for all workflows, from very small simple to large and complex.
  2. Better support for workflow power users, such as having multiple action panels open side by side
  3. Support for more Azure Logic Apps features and connectors, such as triggers, conditions, loops, variables, parameters, expressions, and custom connectors.


We will be adding more iteratively, from larger features to small items to make the experience better. If there is anything more you’d like to see in the designer, we invite you to open an issue on our GitHub repo: .

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