Optimize GPU compute costs: Pause your VMs to save!
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We're excited to announce that in April, Azure will be offering customers the ability to optimize GPU compute costs by enabling hibernation on Virtual Machines (VMs). With this feature, users can hibernate their VMs, pausing compute usage while preserving in-memory states. During hibernation, customers will only incur costs for storage and networking resources, significantly reducing compute expenses. When needed, VMs can be resumed effortlessly, allowing applications and processes to seamlessly pick up from their last state. 


Use cases 

Specifically for GPU Virtual Machines, hibernation offers compelling use cases and is an effective cost management strategy particularly in two key scenarios: 

  • Optimizing GPU workstations: Pause GPU VMs during off-hours to conserve resources and resume seamlessly when needed, without the need to reopen applications. 
  • Efficient Workflows for long running VMs: For long-running GPU-intensive tasks, hibernating after prewarming tasks ensures quick start-up times and efficient use of GPU resources. 


Hibernation availability for GPU VMs 

Hibernation will be available for preview on NVv4 and NVadsA10v5 GPU VM series, but larger sizes in the NVadsA10v5 series will not be supported during preview. Supported sizes include:  









Customers will be able to leverage the hibernation feature using the Azure Portal, Azure CLI or PowerShell options on the supported virtual machines. In addition, customers can also take advantage of this feature through Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on their various offerings.


Azure Virtual Desktop 

Azure Virtual Desktop  provides a flexible cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform for securely delivering virtual desktops and remote apps. With GPU hibernation (preview) being supported, customers will be able to seamlessly integrate hibernation into their GPU-based virtual desktop environments, unlocking additional cost-saving opportunities. Learn more about  creating personal desktop scaling plan. 


Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Azure 

Microsoft and Citrix have been collaborating for decades to provide technology solutions that streamline IT operations and optimize costs.  Citrix DaaS  offers desktop and app virtualization solutions leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop platform capabilities. With GPU hibernation (preview) support, Citrix DaaS users can efficiently manage GPU VMs, enabling significant cost savings without compromising performance or user experience. 


Getting started with hibernation 

Hibernation is currently available in preview on General Purpose Intel and AMD VM Sizes in all public regions. Both Linux and Windows Operating Systems are supported.  Learn more about the hibernate feature  here . For more details on how to get started with hibernation, refer to the product documentation

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