What's the best way to report a bug?


I believe I have found a bug in the Azure Portal UI but how do I report this without incurring the cost of opening a support ticket?


The issue is that I have created a couple of static websites in Blob Storage.

I created a CDN Endpoint and assigned a custom domain. When I do this I should see a list of Endpoints under Azure CDN Endpoints but I don't.

The only way to find it is to go to CDN Profiles where I find the endpoints listed.

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You can make feedback on the corresponding Microsoft Doc Page for the feature. @Paul Shadwell 

Old thread I know.

Yes we know we can give 'feedback' on the docs. However, we are all developers and would like to open a trackable bug report. In Github I can even attach screen shots and videos of the faulty behavior. I would suggest finding the best location on Github for the Azure portal which appears to be:

I found a bug yesterday with self-hosted integration runtimes. Now I'm searching for an answer to this question so I can at least report this proven bug with hard evidence, and the closest thing I've found is this. Microsoft makes me so mad sometimes. I love Azure, but seriously, if you're going to push automatic updates as default, there needs to be a feedback loop for reporting bugs.  Sorry for the long rant. I'm just annoyed.  @excelsiorworx 

@Paul Shadwell 

How about Twitter, one of Microsoft official channel:




@Kidd_Ip they’ll just redirect you to the forums. 
only way I’ve found is to pay them $29/month for support. If you want to report a bug, they assume you’re doing something wrong first. Which I get… 


They finally admitted my previously mentioned bug in this thread was in fact a bug. Took them a few weeks and too much of my time. 

Found a new bug. Others have before me. Where the Spark Clusters don’t allocate vCores properly, rendering dev literally impossible. It always says you need more vcores. You give it what it asked for, then try again, and it tells you that you need double. 

I reported it to the Twitter account. They first sent me to their paid support tier. When I said I didn’t want to pay to report a bug, they sent a link to the forums home page. Then sent me a link to a survey asking me how they did.