Azure Resource Mover now generally available: Move seamlessly between Azure regions
Published Mar 02 2021 09:00 AM 21.1K Views

Today, we are excited to announce the General Availability of Azure Resource Mover, a free global service available for use in all public regions and within regions in China. We announced the Public Preview of Azure Resource Mover at Ignite last year and since then the service has seen healthy adoption by customers looking to move  resources between regions and whose valuable feedback has helped drive improvements to the service.


Enterprise grade customers are constantly looking for ways to reduce latency, ensure compliance with the latest data governance and sovereignty regulations, and achieve business continuity on Azure. Azure Resource Mover is built to get the most from Azure’s datacenter region portfolio, providing customers with the flexibility to operate in the location that best suits their needs. We continue to expand Azure to new markets with new datacenter regions announced in 14 countries in 2020 and additional expansion in the US, Indonesia, and China in 2021. In the last year Azure has launched Availability Zones in an additional 5 regions with a roadmap to have AZs in every country we operate Azure in by the end of 2021. With Azure Resource Mover, customers can now take advantage of Azure’s growth in new markets and regions with Availability Zones with moves across regions that support their business needs.



Key enhancements and new features

Azure Resource Mover transforms the way customers can move resources between regions, now with improved controls and enhancements to enable enterprise grade customers to plan large scale moves confidently with even fewer steps than before.

  • Azure Resource Mover now further simplifies the dependent resources analysis by validating and identifying all dependent resources in a single step. This reduces the multiple iterative steps previously required to discover all the resources in the environment, thus making planning for large scale even more seamless.



  • Customers from various industries such as Banking, Financial services or Healthcare may have sensitive data, which they encrypt using keys or certificates in key vaults. Azure Resource Mover now supports VMs encrypted using Customer Managed Keys (CMK) or Azure Disk Encryption (ADE) mechanisms.
  • We have heard from our customers that they needed a native experience within Azure Resource Mover that allows delete of source resources. We are now happy to announce that users can now delete multiple resources simultaneously using the delete source feature that provides full control and confidence with validations in place to ensure the delete is performed only after the move is completed.
  • VM replication health monitoring is now enabled once the ‘Prepare’ phase is complete, exposing any warnings and take corrective actions if there are any issues with ongoing replication.

We have designed Azure Resource Mover with customer feedback and experience in mind. Customers using Azure Resource Mover can now provide real-time feedback and communicate directly with product teams throughout the move experience. The service is now available through the Azure portal, PowerShell, and SDKs with any Azure subscription. Learn more about Azure Resource Mover and how you can get started on your move.



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