The Cloud-native Azure Application Architect Map
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Recently, I built the Azure Solution Architect Map , the Azure Security Architect Map  and the Azure Infrastructure Architect Map aimed at helping Architects finding their way in Azure. Here are all the maps in my series of Architecture Maps:


I'm now coming with the next map in this series, namely: the Cloud-native Azure Application Architect Map.

As usual, this map is by no means the holy grail and is just there to highlight some good fit between Azure Services and Design Patterns. This map is certainly subject to controversy as they are thousands of ways to design and develop and application. My goal is only to highlight some possibilities.  


As usual, here is a screenshot of the map:


The Azure Application Architect Map.png


The map focuses on the following areas:

  • Data & Big Data
  • Common Design Patterns: SAGA, Circuit Breaker, Event-driven Architecture, etc.
  • Domain-driven Design & Microservices: yes I clubbed them together :)
  • Artificial Intelligence: NLP, Supervised & Unsupervised ML etc.
  • Miscellaneous: things that come back regularly when developing applications such as real-time HTTP, search, job scheduling etc. 

How to read this map?


Whenever you see the attachment icon attachicon.png, it means that I have attached an explanation on a given rationale or service. If you see a (*) next to a node, it is kind of a must read information. So for instance, in the following screenshot:



I want to catch your attention on why I make an association between DDD and Microservices:


as well as why I make an association between CQRS and DDD:


You might of course disagree with this but at least, you understand my rationale.

The link icon  link.pngis a pointer to the corresponding Microsoft documentation.


Note that I haven't dived into AKS or Service Fabric since this guys would deserve a dedicated map and are not Azure services like others, they are a universe by themselves.


With this tool, any Cloud-native Application Architect should quickly grasp the application landscape of Azure. 


Update: the online MindMapMaker tool deletes maps that are older than a year, therefore, just visit the last version.

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v 1.2 (12/2019)
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Here are all the maps in my series of Architecture Maps:



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