Stop / Cancel ongoing Azure SQL DB scale operation

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First published on MSDN on Mar 21, 2018

if you want to cancel updating database pricing tier. this can be due to mistake, or long running scale operation.


    1. open Azure cloud shell or use your local Azure CLI installation.


    1. edit the following command with your database details and execute the script


$ResourceGroupName = ""
$ServerName = ""
$DatabaseName = ""
$OperationName = (az sql db op list --resource-group $ResourceGroupName --server $ServerName --database $DatabaseName --query "[?state=='InProgress'].name" --out tsv)
if(-not [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($OperationName))
(az sql db op cancel --resource-group $ResourceGroupName --server $ServerName --database $DatabaseName --name $OperationName)
"Operation " + $OperationName + " has been canceled"
"No in progress operation found"


    1. review the output to confirm operation has been canceled.


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The script runs fine but returns a misleading message at the end that wasted some time since it wasn't an actual issue:


ERROR: Resource group 'RGXXX' could not be found.
No in progress operation found


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