Lesson Learned #52: Azure Database for MySQL – Server is not configured to allow ipv6 connections
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First published on MSDN on Jan 02, 2019

Several days ago, I worked in a service request that our customer had configured all elements ( VPN, Site-to-Site, etc…) but they are getting an error: ERROR 9009 (28000): Server is not configured to allow ipv6 connections trying to connect using service endpoint.

First of all, I have to mention that currently, Azure Database for MySQL doesn't support IPV6.

  • Our customer had this scenario:

    • All the machines created in the virtual network plus subnets didn’t have a public IP.

    • Our customer had an incorrect endpoint configuration for Azure Database for MySQL -

    • The NGS blocked all internet connection to the gateway.

  • Root Cause:

    • Created the same scenario for our customer I was able to reproduce the issue.

    • As we have said I found that when Linux machine tries to connect to the Azure Database for MySQL server our customer got the error message: ERROR 9009 (28000): Server was not configured to allow ipv6 connections because the source IP corresponds to an internal IP and not public IP. When Azure Database for MySQL endpoint was not configured, it received an incorrect IP that it seems that works as IPV6.

    • Now configured the VNET and SubNets our customer has been able to connect without problems.

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