Lesson Learned #207: Hands-On-Labs: 40613-Database ‘xyz' on server ‘xyz2' is not currently available
Published Jun 26 2022 03:10 AM 239K Views

We used to have cases where our customer faced the following error message: "40613-Database ‘xyz' on server ‘xyz2' is not currently available.  Please retry the connection later.  If the problem persists, contact customer support, and provide them the session tracing ID of 'AFDB133B-E6A0-4AFD-9021-xxxxx'.State: 1" .


This issue happens when the Azure database is being moved (or reconfigured) and your application loses its connection to the SQL database. SQL database reconfiguration events occurs because of a planned event (for example, a software upgrade) or an unplanned event (for example, a process crash, or load balancing). Most reconfiguration events are generally short-lived and should be completed in less than 60 seconds at most. 


In this video we are going to give some insights about it:




Why issue happens?

  • Connectivity Transient Issue.
  • Reconfiguration.
  • Maintenance Plan.

How to find when the issue happened?

  • Resource Health/Activity Log from the Portal

How to fix or mitigate this issue?

  • Implement Connectivity Retry Logic.



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