Lesson Learned #203: How can I know that my connection is using Redirect connectivity policy?
Published May 12 2022 06:14 AM 2,507 Views

Today, I worked on a service request that our customer wanted to confirm if effectively they are using redirect connection policy. 

Answering this question, we need to know the following terms:


  • Redirect means that the application will use as a destination port within a range between 11000 to 12000 besides the first connection that will use 1433.
  • If you are using Private Link, currently, the connection that will be proxy even if you have in the portal default or redirect setting on in the connection policy. 

Second will be, how to know this. Well using a network trace will be the best option, but, we have other ways to confirm it:


  • Running the netstats -anob using a command prompt window with administrative setting, to know the application and ports opened.
  • Using TCPView
  • Running the PowerShell Script that you could know per application/process the port open.  For example, using this tool we could see the following:




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